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Year 5 Dance Off: Intra-school Competition

On Wednesday 13th February, Year 5 presented their dances to the Cover Supervisors who judged them on a range of criteria, such as their choreography, keeping in time with the music and the energy they put into their dances. The dances were all based on the theme of taking a test or exam and the children all entertained each other with enthusiasm! The winning class was 5 Oak - well done!

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Year 4 Multi-Skills Festival

On Tuesday (12th February) – at the same time as the netball matches – 13 Year 4 children travelled to Hailsham Community College to take part in an exciting new event, which included lots of fun activities like ‘Animal Walks’ and ‘Crossing the Swamp’. There were several other schools there and we all had lots of fun. It was great to see everyone joining in with lots of enthusiasm and energy. Thank you to Mr Walton for driving the minibus and to Mrs Lloyd and Mrs Orford for coming to support with the event.

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Netball Matches: Stafford v Ocklynge

On Tuesday (12th February) after school, 13 children took part in 2 inter-school netball matches against Ocklynge. For some of the children, it was their first experience of playing in a match. All the children tried really hard and we are pleased to report that we won one match 10-5 and Ocklynge won one 7-2.  Well done to everyone and a huge thank you to Ms Rolf who ran the event and to Mrs Slimon for all her help.

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Dance Fever

30 very excited children performed last night at Ratton School in our first ever Eastbourne Schools PE Association dance festival. We arrived at 3.45pm ready for a rehearsal, which went very smoothly. Packed teas followed in the gym and then everyone put on their new t-shirts for the performance – which was fabulous.

Huge thank you to Miss Doig our dance teacher, the staff from Ocklynge who oversaw the preparations for the event and a really big thank you to Miss Smith, Miss Coombe, Ms Perry and Mrs Springett who came along to help supervise the children. We were all so proud of all their hard work and how they represented Stafford – we hope lots of the children will be able to take part in the new dance club that Miss Doig will be running at Stafford after half term.

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Cross Country

On Thursday 31st January, a Year 6 pupil took part in the Area Finals for the Cross Country. She competed against children from schools from all across the County - 70 girls in total. She was amazing and came 17th, narrowly missing out on the 15 place cut off for the national finals. Everyone is really proud of you – well done!

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Premier League Primary Stars

We are very excited by our Year 5 participation in the Premier League Primary Stars programme. This is an exciting opportunity described as, “a world -class primary schools programme which uses the appeal of the Premier League and professional football clubs to improve and enhance physical education (PE) and other curriculum areas, developing skills and values that are crucial to success in later life.” The excitement started with a trip to the AMEX Stadium for some of the children – see below.

Our primary Stars Sports Mentor, Mr Sweet, will deliver high quality interventions targeted at whole classes, small groups and individuals which aim to improve children’s physical literacy, English, Maths, communication skills and resilience. Through team teaching, he will also improve teachers’ confidence in delivering PE. He will be in every Tuesday until Easter.

On Monday 14th January, 30 Year 5s headed off to the AMEX Stadium for an exciting day to start our journey with Premier League Primary Stars. The day was run by Humanotopia (an inspirational London based company) and focussed on respect and social skills. The day was an amazing success and we were so pleased to see lots of children being brave, trying new things and learning new skills. During the day, we were lucky enough to go down into the stands and have our photo taken by the pitch: we also met Gully and JD, one of Brighton & Hove Albion’s disability players.

Here are some of the comments the children made:

“I’ve learnt how to be aware, honest and responsible. I know how to keep harmony.” – Sienna

“We were shown how to respect others and get more confident,” – Alfie

“I was happy and felt happy when I got to speak in front on the microphone. I said some really nice things to JD and he has cerebral palsy and finds it hard to move. I held the mic for him and I felt so happy.”

“I am so proud that I overcame by fears and became more confident,” – Nel

Thank you so much to Mrs Lloyd, Miss Taylor and Mr Cairns for their help with the trip. The children were good ambassadors for Stafford and I know that they really enjoyed their day.

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Year 4 Multi-Sports Festival

On Wednesday 5th December, 12 Year 4 children attended a multi-sports festival at East Sussex College in Eastbourne. The events were run by the students at the college, who set up and ran lots of fun activities including: parachute, ‘the floor is lava’, ‘extreme rock, paper, scissors’, parachute games, benchball and more. The children were all great ambassadors for Stafford School and had lots of fun – they especially enjoyed the cops and robbers game!

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Stafford Sports News

Football: ESFA & Eastbourne Schools' Under 11 Danone 7-a-Side Cup

On Saturday 10th November, 9 boys went to Ocklynge to represent Stafford in this exciting tournament. There were 11 teams taking part and we were in a group against 5 other schools.

Firsty, we played West Rise and won 1-0. Then a nail-biting 0-0 draw against Stone Cross, followed by a 2-1 win over Bourne. This meant we secured a place in the semi-finals where we played Ocklynge who snuck in a last minute goal to beat us 1-0. Huge congratulations to the boys for getting so far in their first tournament, well done. Thank you so much to Mr Burke for leading the morning and to Miss Perry, Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Osborne-Walker and Mr Walton who all gave up some of their Saturday morning to support the team

New Clubs

We are really lucky to have 2 new clubs starting with Mr Griffiths, who is a sports coach who has been working at Heron Park school. He is also coming in to lead a uni-hoc club at lunchtimes on Monday, which has already attracted lots of children.

There are still some spaces at these clubs if your child would like to join up for the end of this term.

School Games

As some of you already know from reading previous information, we currently hold the Silver Schools Games Mark. This shows our commitment to being an active, healthy school and is a great recognition of all the fabulous things we do at Stafford. In order to achieve it, we have to participate in a range of sporting events and competitions - both in school and out, have a range of Sports Leaders, provide at least 2 hours PE a week in curriculum time and have children engaged in after-school clubs. We are working really hard this year to try and achieve the Gold Mark. In order to do this, we are providing extra activities in school time, more clubs and more competitions. Please talk to your children about attending an after-school club in Terms 3 & 4 and about the importance of leading a healthy, active lifestyle.

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Year 6 Non-Residential Week

This week, the Year 6 not attending the residential have had lots of fun and taken part in a range of different activities:


On Wednesday, we went to the Sovereign Centre to swim. The children all had a fabulous time and were complemented by a member of the public on their lovely manners and great behaviour. It was fabulous to see the children all practising and using the swimming they have learnt in their lessons to have fun with their friends. 

Sports Leader Award day

On Thursday, the children took part in a special day to achieve a School Games Sports Leader certificate. 

In groups, they had to design an activity, a poster for it and a scoring system. They were given the opportunity to test these out on each other and then lead the activities for the Year 4 classes in the afternoon. 

All the children worked really well together and had lots of fun.

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Intra-School Football Tournaments

On Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th November, Mr Hester and Mr Richards ran 2 intra-school football tournaments for the children in each year to compete.

The children signed up and then Mr Hester created a 5-a-side team within their colour team. They were then assigned an English Football League team which related to their colour team.

Both Mr Hester and Mr Richards were extremely impressed with how fantastic the children were during the tournaments showing great determination, sportsmanship and quality of play.

10 teams lined up for the year 3 tournament. Well done to Sheffield United (Red), Celtic and Hibernian (Green) who all came out victorious unbeaten.

8 teams competed in the year 4 tournament and congratulations to Forest Green Rovers (Green) who won this tournament, again, unbeaten.

Only 4 teams signed up for the year 5 tournament but what a fantastic, tight tournament it was. Millwall (Blue) were triumphant in this one.

Finally, 6 teams came to the year 6 tournament and again, an extremely tight competition. It came down to both Middlesbrough and Bristol City (both Red) who were on 9 points each and played each other at end of the round robin stage. Stalemate between the two meant both teams took the crown and won the tournament.

Well done to all the players who took part over both days! Was great to see so many of you showing off your amazing talents.


Sheffield United: Dylan S - Rowan, Amy H - Elm, Gage R - Rowan and Rowan S - Birch.
Celtic: Charlotte S - Rowan, Max L - Elm, Dylan G - Rowan, Nathan H - Elm and Zach LM - Birch.
Hibernian: Elsa B - Elm, Niamh B - Rowan, Freddie B - Birch, Kai A - Rowan and Logan F - Elm
Forest Green Rovers: Rupert N - Poplar, Jacob W - Chestnut, Myles H - Ash, Alan R - Chestnut and Jamie M - Chestnut.
Millwall: Rylee H - Acacia, Alfie R - Maple, Finn B - Maple and Ben H - Oak
Middlesbrough: Alfie B - Larch, Freddie W - Cedar, Charlie W - Larch, Finlay C - Cedar and George W - Sycamore
Bristol City: Eden B - Sycamore, Lucas C - Cedar, Endrit M - Sycamore, Finnley H - Sycamore

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Stafford Sports News


On Thursday 11th October, nine Year 6 children represented Stafford at the Eastbourne College swimming gala in their beautiful new pool. The boys and girls teams swam a mixture of races against 6 other schools, including individual and team races. All the children were amazing representatives for our school and we were really proud of them. Thank you so much to Mr Hester for his help and to all the parents, and Ms Perry and Ms Markides, for coming to support the children. Excitingly, our boys team came 2nd and the girls placed 4th - a fabulous achievement for our first time at this event.

Sportshall Athletics

On Thursday 18th October, 21 Year 5 and 6 children went to Hailsham Community College to take part in the South Downs Sportshall Athletics competition. The event included a range of track and field events, including different running and relay races, triple jump, speed bounce and many other activities. The children were excellent representatives for the school and we were really pleased to come 8th out of 13 schools who took part. Well done to all the children for representing Stafford so well and thank you to Mr Hester and Mr Walton for their help on the day.

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Basketball Festival at Stafford

This week, twenty two Year 2 children attended a basketball festival at Stafford. They learnt and practised key skills while competing against other schools. Roselands had two teams, team A came third in the competition! The children had a great time and behaved really well. Thank you to Mrs Lloyd for organising this fantastic event.

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Stafford Race for Life

On Friday 6th July, we held our Stafford Race for Life.  We held 2 races, Y3/4 and Y5/6 and we all did the best we could to run as many laps as possible in 30 minutes. It was fabulous to see everyone working really hard to participate in this fabulous event and we were all really proud of the children. Well done and thank you to all the staff who helped and ran on the day. Also, a huge thank you to Janet from the Relay for Life team, who came in to help with the event, donated wristbands for everyone and brought in the beads to help us count our laps. We raised an amazing total of £1705.70 –  thank you so much for all your sponsorship.

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Roselands Race for Life

What an amazing morning running the Race for Life!  The children were so motivated and happy, they all displayed fantastic stamina and support for each other- great teamwork! To date approximately £450 has been raised. Thank you for your support nad keep running!

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Stafford Sports News

Sports Days

This week has seen glorious weather for both our Stafford Sports Days, thank you so much to all the family and friends that came along to support the children. 

It was fabulous to see them all trying their best, watching them overcome nerves, develop resilience and, most importantly, hear and see all their achievements and the pride they showed. 

The results are as follows:

Competitive Event Winners

Year 3 Yellow Team
Year 4 Red Team
Year 5 Red Team
Year 6 Blue Team

School Games Values winners

Value Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6

Next Friday, we will be running our Stafford Race for Life. Please keep sponsoring the children - we are really pleased to be supporting this charity and looking forward to our event. You can donate by visiting our Just Giving page: https://fundraise.cancerresearchuk.org/page/stafford-school-race-for-life

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Roselands Sports Day

What wonderful weather we had for sports day this year! The children were amazing at walking down to Stafford school and then taking part in all the games. A particular one they enjoyed, was the water race! The children were so well behaved and should be so proud of themselves. Well done to all the children  for all taking part and for Blue Team who won. It was so lovely to have so many of you come and support us, it means such a lot to the children. Thank you to all the toddlers, Mums and Dads that took part in the races. We had Year 5 children from Stafford who helped us to set up on the day and then help to run the races. They did such an fantastic job of this!!!! Thank you for all your help and support to help make this a great Sports day!

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Year 5 Athletics

Wednesday afternoon saw 16 children from Year 5 taking part in an Athletics Tournament. The children travelled by minibus to the Eastbourne Sports Park, where they met two other local schools. The afternoon began with all the children undertaking an 800m run, splitting the girls and the boys. After this, the individual schools worked their way around the arena taking part in three other activities: 60m sprint, long jump and discus, before coming together to compete in a 400m relay for the boys and the girls. Lastly, four children were chosen to participate in a very exciting baton-relay with the college students. Overall, Stafford proudly came third in the competition. This was a great achievement, as the participants from the other two schools were from Year 6, but the Stafford children never gave up – a true testament to their character and the ethos of the school. Thank you to Mr Smith and Mrs Osborne-Walker for taking us.

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A Sporty Week at Stafford!


The whole school had great fun on Tuesday and Wednesday, participating in our Skip2Bfit skipping workshops. During the sessions, the children took part in a personal challenge and aimed to improve their own skipping times in 2 minutes. Both days ended with an assembly to award certificates to the winners and a skip off between the top teacher and pupil! We all had a fabulous time and Year 5 have already skipped again on Thursday to try and improve their scores.

Thank you so much to all the parents and children who have bought their own ropes - it already looks like we will be adding another 10-15  skipping ropes to our school collection. We are so pleased that the children have caught the skipping bug! Hope you all have lots of fun skipping over the holiday.

Miss Smith will be running lunchtime skipping next term in the playground or the Star Lab on a Thursday - hope to see lots of you trying to improve your scores!

Year 3 Sports Festival

On Wednesday, Stafford hosted a festival for the schools in our Alliance. We welcomed children from Stone Cross, Grovelands and Bourne. With our Year 3s, there were 300 children taking part in lots of fun activities including frisbee, Tri-golf, dodgeball, football, athletics and tennis. Everyone tried really hard and had lots of fun - we were really lucky to avoid the rain and it was lovely to see lots of people trying new sports. Thank you so much to all the people who helped on the day.

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Stafford Sports News

It has been fabulous to see everyone out on the field for the first time today enjoying the sunshine and being very active playing lots of different sports. Hopefully, some of our lunchtime activities will move outside from the Star Studio very soon.

Our personal competition for the last few weeks has been the standing long jump and we have had some excellent ‘jumpers’! The winner for this week was Emilio in Year 3, who jumped a whopping 1.46m, well done! Special mention must also go to Harrison in Year 3 for an impressive 1.35m jump.

If anyone has any ideas for the next competition, please see Mrs Lloyd!

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Scoot Fit Visit

Children at Roselands loved Scoot Fit this week and particularly enjoyed the races and going over the ramps. There were also adult scooters so all the teachers had a go as well! We are now looking into purchasing scooters for the children to use at school. James who runs Scoot Fit was amazed by how good the children at Roselands were on their scooters, he has not been to an infant school before were the children are all so confident. Well done!

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Handball Festival

This week eleven children went to Ratton for a handball festival. The children began by learning and practising key skills though games. They then went onto play mini games against other schools. The children did so well especially as this was a game, they had never played before. The children enjoyed the tournament, by the end had really start to develop the skills they had learnt. They now want to teach other children how to play. They were all extremely well behaved and did the school proud.

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Scootfit at Stafford

We were really excited to welcome James from Scootfit to Stafford on Wednesday, Thursday afternoon and Friday afternoon. Every class took part in a fun and energetic scooting session to music. It was fabulous to see the enthusiasm with which the children (and staff!) took part and James was impressed with our level of balance, skill and agility. If you have a scooter at home, it would be great if you could go out over the weekend and show your family what you were doing. We are also hoping to invest some more time and money in scooting at school to improve our fitness even more! Have fun scooting at home.

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Year 5 Sports Festival Day

On Wednesday 28th March, all of Year 5 went to the University of Brighton to take part in a sports festival with four other local schools. During the day, we were all split into six different colour teams and took part in different activities, including problem solving, survival skills, team-building games and a Zone-7 ball competition in teams at the end. 

Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side so we had to do all our activities indoors. However, we all had a great time and were fabulous ambassadors for Stafford. Thank you to all the staff for their help on the day.

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Roselands at the Football Festival

Mrs Harrison and Miss Cookson took eleven Year 2 children to a football festival at the Sports Park. They were split into two teams and competed against other schools. Team A came fourth in their competition and Team B came third. Ollie scored two goals,  Rowan, Oliver and Chelsea all each scored a goal. The children were an absolute credit to the school and loved competing in the games, well done!

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Sports Relief

On Friday 23rd March, Stafford celebrated Sports Relief. In the morning, we had a great time doing whole school Zumba led by Miss Taylor and ably assisted by Miss Smith and Miss Coombe. 

At lunchtime, lots of teachers led some fun activities on the playground including: Zumba, stoolball and hula hooping. Thank you to all the teachers who gave their time to do this. 

Change4Life competitions were run by some of the Year 6 pupils and the winners were:

Star Jump competition: Mia in 6 Oak with 127 Star Jumps

Run & Jump competition: Chloe in 6 Maple with 8.85 seconds. 

We also sold lots of wristbands to raise some money to support this fabulous charity.

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Sports Relief

Roselands have had a great day celebrating Sports relief. They began with a whole school Zumba session in the hall which all children and staff joined in with. All classes have been out for their daily run. At lunchtime all teachers went out with the children and ran sporting activities. There was a football match running, skipping, hoola hopping, penalty shoot out, hockey and many other activities. As well as teachers running activities some Year 2 children set up activities for other children. Well done to Elsa for running a hockey course. “I loved the Zumba! Can we do it everyday?” Elizabeth asked. Lots of children challenged themselves to try out new activities today. Demi tried skipping  “It’s really hard but I’m going to keep going until I can do it. I’m not going to give up.” Well done everyone!

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Stafford Sports News

Netball Tournament Report

On Wednesday 7th March, our Stafford netball team went to a tournament at Pevensey & Westham School. For our first tournament we did really well because we came 3rd out of 6 schools! We won one game, 7:1, lost 2 games and also won another.

The first game we played, we drew 3:3. We ended up playing 5 games altogether.

As we take netball seriously, we had to make sure that we didn't contact against any other opponents and we must stay behind our markers when we have the ball, but most of all, we have to work as a team and support each other. Adding on to that point, we practise every Monday so we get used to playing together. On Monday 26th February, we played our first match against Pevensey and Westham and that led us to a fantastic start by winning 7:". Chloe (Year 6)

Year 5 Astronaut Training Fitness Competition

On Tuesday, as part of Science Week, Year 5 took part in a whole year group competition based on a range of stations to test the fitness that an astronaut might need to have. These included stamina, agility, control and circuit training. All the children that took part were really enthusiastic and tried their best - many of them worked really hard on different stations to improve their own scores. Some of the events were manned and supported by adults, while at others, the children were trusted to record their own scores, developing their leadership techniques in timing and recording.

Here are the winners:


Space Stamina: run   Lorelyn
Space Circuit: star jumps   Mohammed
Space Control: tennis ball rebound  Layla
Space Agility: agility course   Grace
Space Stamina: skipping   Mohammed
Space Circuit: squats   Payten
Space Agility: hula hooping   Lorelyn
Space Stamina: burpees   Grace
Space Circuit: speed bounce   Freddie


Space Stamina: run   Eden
Space Circuit: star jumps   Ben
Space Control: tennis ball rebound  Eden
Space Agility: agility course   Lewis
Space Stamina: skipping   Gabriele
Space Circuit: squats   George W
Space Agility: hula hooping   Gabriele
Space Stamina: burpees   Toby
Space Circuit: speed bounce   Gabriele


Space Stamina: run  Olivia
Space Circuit: star jumps  Zachary & Bo
Space Control: tennis ball rebound  Zachary
Space Agility: agility course   Teddy
Space Stamina: skipping   Adela
Space Circuit: squats   Bo
Space Agility: hula hooping   Amy
Space Stamina: burpees   Kimberlie
Space Circuit: speed bounce   Zachary


Space Stamina: run   Lenny
Space Circuit: star jumps   Charlie W
Space Agility: agility course   Thomas
Space Stamina: skipping   Arthur
Space Circuit: squats   Alfie
Space Agility: hula hooping   Afiya
Space Stamina: burpees   Melody
Space Circuit: speed bounce   Annamaria


Space Stamina: run   Lenny: 15
Space Circuit: star jumps   Mohammed: 120
Space Control: tennis ball rebound  Zachary: 55
Space Agility: agility course   Teddy: 6.34 seconds
Space Stamina: skipping   Adela: 105
Space Circuit: squats   Bo: 87
Space Agility: hula hooping   Gabriele: 84
Space Stamina: burpees   Melody F: 60
Space Circuit: speed bounce   Zachary: 68

Well done to everybody who took part!

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Stafford Sports News

Netball Match

The team went on Wednesday morning to the Eastbourne Schools netball tournament, where they came in 3rd place. Well done! A full report will follow next week.

PE Kit

There seem to be a number of children who do not have a complete PE kit in school at all times. Please ensure your child has a t-shirt, shorts, joggers, sweatshirt / jacket and trainers in school at all times. There are occasions when it is necessary to change PE sessions at short notice and it is important that the children have the correct kit.

Sport Relief

On Friday 23rd March, we will be celebrating Sport Relief at Stafford. The children are already wearing Mufti for the PTFA, but they will be doing a range of sporting activities on the day, including a whole school Zumba session and lunchtime activities. Therefore, please make sure that your children either come in 'sporty' mufti, or have their PE kit (including trainers) in school.

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Stafford Sports News

Netball Match

This week has been very exciting as the Stafford netball team played their first match. Here is a report they wrote:

Team: Megan, Poppy, Macy, Lola, Chloe, Sophia, Grace, Jessica, Ben, Ellie

We took the school minibus to Pevensey and Westham School. We went with Mrs Springett and Mrs Rolf. When we arrived, we started warming up. We were split into 2 tems and each half of the team played 2 of the 4 quarters of the netball match. In the first quarter, we scored 2 goals and they didn't score any. In the 2nd quarter, we didn't score any and neither did they. Ub tge 3rd quarter both teams scored 2 goals. In the last quarter, we scored 3 goals, making the final score 7:2 to Stafford! We won!! Both teams shook hands afterwards. After that, we shared a packet of malted milk biscuits!

Thank you very much to Ms Rolf who has spent Mondays after school coaching our team and to Mrs Springett for giving up her time to support the trip.

Next week, the team are taking part in the South Downs netball competition - Good Luck! We will add a photo of the team after this event.

Lunchtime news

Over the last 2 weeks Mrs Lloyd has been putting together a new Play Leader rota, that will start next week. Thank you to all the children who volunteer for this! This terms Play Leaders are:

  Year 6 Year 5
Monday Chloe S
Thomas F
Grace H
Tuesday Rosie W
Jess S-S
Wednesday Jessica D
Thursday Alisha
Ellie J
Friday Jessica D
Taylor K

We are looking forward to the zones being up and running again more effectively.

Personal Competition

Over the last 2 weeks, lots of children took part in our lunchtime competition, which included bouncing and catching a tennis ball as many times as possible in 30 seconds. All the children tried really hard to improve their scores and many succeeded! It was a very close competition In week 1, the winner was Jimmy (Year 5) with 42 bounces . The winner in the second week was Freddie (Year 5) who managed 46 times. There was also an exciting 'bounce off' between Haniyah (Year 5) and Freddie (Year 5) to decide the winner in week 2! Well done to all those who took part!


Unfortunately, the football match that had been planned against Tollgate this week had to be postponed due to the weather. Hopefully we will organise another date soon.

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Stafford Sports News

Thank you so much and well done to all the children who have come to our exciting lunchtime activities this term. We have seen lots of children enjoy personal competition, Zumba, GoNoodle, Hula Hooping and Dice Challenge. We look forward to seeing lots more children getting involved after the holidays. Please ask your child to speak to their teacher if they need more information.

Personal Challenge

The last 2 weeks have seen lots of children take part in our star jump competition. Thank you to our Sports Crew members who have come along to help out with this. Lots of children scored really highly, but the winner with 50 start jumps was Katie in 3 Elm.

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Why we do the Stafford Mile

During this week, it has come to my attention that there are some parents who are concerned about our running of the Stafford Mile. I thought it might be a good time to share with you the reasons why (like many other schools in the country) we made the decision to take part.

Over the last few years, there has been a significant amount of interest in the current levels of childhood obesity. Schools are obliged to be part of the initiative to reduce this significantly over the next 10 years. The Government want us to be doing at least 30 minutes vigorous exercise daily in schools, with the aim that children do at least another 30 minutes at home. For further information please see: www.gov.uk/government/publications/childhood-obesity-a-plan-for-action/childhood-obesity-a-plan-for-action

Secondly, exercise is known to have beneficial effects on physical health. It can reduce the risk of serious illness when you are older and can improve the effects of common childhood ailments, such as asthma. For further information see: www.asthma.org.uk/advice/living-with-asthma/exercise-and-activitie and www.nhs.uk/Livewell/fitness/Pages/whybeactive.aspx

Thirdly, exercise has a positive effect on our emotional health and well-being. There is a lot of information currently in the media regarding rising levels of mental health issues amongst children. This website www.mentalhealth.org.uk/a-to-z/c/children-and-young-people cites exercise as the first thing that can help keep children emotionally well, along with a balanced diet. For further information please see: www.nhs.uk/conditions/stress-anxiety-depression/mental-benefits-of-exercise

The running of the Mile is well-documented and, as I am sure we all want the best for our children, both immediately, and in the future, perhaps a read of this document may assist in putting your mind even further at rest: thedailymile.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Daily-Mile-A4-booklet-v3-161222.pdf

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any further questions. We look forward to helping your children become the healthiest and happiest that they can be to set them up well for a great future.

Other sports new this week

Sports Crew

The Sports Crew had a meeting last week. During the meeting, we discussed lots of ways that we can continue to improve our sport at Stafford. Each member then went back to their class and asked them about ideas, including:  what they think of the Stafford Mile, how we can get active in a wider range of ways at school, about PE lessons and ideas for lunchtimes. We have had some great feedback and suggestions and will be looking at ways to implement some of these in the near future.

Play Leaders

Thank you to all the Year 5 & 6 Play Leaders and Buddies who came to the meeting this week. We will be getting a new rota and zones out to you soon.

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Stafford Sports Update

Cross Country

Lola (Year 6) represented the school at the Area Cross Country Finals last week; unfortunately Mollie (also Y6), who was meant to be going, was unwell. Lola did really well and came 22nd out of the 52 girls who took part. Well done! 


This week, there have continued to be lots of exciting activities at lunchtimes. Next week, the personal competition will be Star Jumps and we will be looking for winners in each Year group – children should come along on Monday to the Star Studio.

Sports Crew Meeting

There will be a meeting in Mrs Lloyd’s classroom on Tuesday 23rd January at 12 noon. Looking forward to seeing the representatives from each class. 

After-School Clubs

It has been fabulous to see so many children taking part in our fabulous range of sporting after-school clubs this term. There are still a few spaces – please see the Stafford office for more details.

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